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Being non-specific with da + infinitive

I can ask you if you have a pen or a pencil, or I can ask you if you have something to write with. I don't always need to be specific. I can offer you a glass of water, a glass of wine, or I can just offer you something to drink. I might not want to be specific. Let's look at one way to say this in Italian.


We can use the preposition da (from, to, at) and the infinitive of a verb. Let's look at some examples. 


Hai da scrivere (do you have something to write with)?

Scusate, mica avete da accendere? -Sì.

Excuse me, do you happen to have a light? -Yes.

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The person we ask for a light might have un accendino (a lighter) or dei fiammiferi (some matches). So we don't need to be specific. We just indicate what we need it for.


Faccio da mangiare (I'm going to make something to eat). 


Devo dare da mangiare a mia figlia.

I have to feed my daughter.

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Dai da bere a 'sti [questi] quattro lavoratori qua.

Give these four workers something to drink.

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Quando viaggio in treno porto sempre da leggere (when I travel by train I always bring something to read).


I can also say:

Porto sempre qualcosa da leggere (I always bring something to read).


Ci vorrebbe da dormire e da mangiare. -Bene.

We need lodging and food. -Fine.

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Ho da fare (I have stuff to do).


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